Countdown to Red Sox Opening day: A short history of Fenway Park

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The stadium was built by John I. Taylor, Red Sox owner with the clear motive to promote its family’s company, Fenway Realty. The park (supremacy of steel and concrete) was designed by James McLaughlin and cost about $650,000 (about $17 million in today’s dollar).

Fenway Park is the legendary baseball park of the Boston Red Sox. As of April 2020, the stadium will be 108 year-old, making it the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. 

The first game was on April 9, 1912 and not surprisingly, the Red Sox defeated Harvard College in an exhibition game. The Red Sox were again victorious at the first professional game on April 20, 2012 against the New York Yankees.

Fenway Park has gone through many changes during the years, changes in ownership, revitalization and expansion and even fire damage.  In 2002, an estimated $285 million was invested to upgrade the park.  

Fenway Park is additionally one of the most iconic tourist attractions of Boston. The stadium is able to hold 37,731 fans per game. If you are one of the lucky ones, make sure you come ready and prepared to show your team allegiance and pride.

Fenway Park during a night game (from Flickr)